Cogeneration and Vegetable Oil Furnaces and Heaters

Within the restraints applicable to diesel engines it is possible to fuel oil fired furnaces and heaters with vegetable oil fuels. The viscosity and low temperature properties of vegetable oil effect the suitability of operation. These issues can be addressed by recalibrating the heating equipment, using fuel heating and by altering the fuel with transesterification or by blending.

As with diesel engines certain designs are more suitable than others.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

The waste heat output from a stationary diesel engine can be utilised for heating purposes. Using such a system gives very high energy efficiency. Not only does a diesel engine offer great energy efficiency in comparison to alternatives but utilising the heat energy released gives further efficiency.

1 The Diesel Engine
2 Theory of Vegetable Oil Use as a Fuel
3 Engine suitability
4 Heating the Oil
5 Biodiesel
6 Micro Emulsions and Blends
7 Vegetable Oil Engine Design
8 Vegetable Oil Furnaces and Heaters
9 Oil Types and Filtering
10 Taxation
11 Implications of Vegetable Oil Fuel Use
12 Sources


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